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      Quality Assurance

      Why Is SoHo Dragon Different?

      SoHo Dragon is an award-winning, full-service software application development company. SoHo Dragon offers quality-centered testing and administrative services to our clients. Aside from vital Quality Assurance services, we also help our clients by providing Quality Assurance consultancy services and assist them with supplemental projects by providing support services to match their project needs.

      With our expert guidance and years of experience, SoHo Dragon will enable you to leverage our cutting-edge Quality Assurance and program testing strategies. We strive to help you succeed by providing your organization a comprehensive overview of solutions custom tailored to your needs that includes Quality Assurance testing plans, end-to-end administration, process arrangements and proposals for enhancing your current testing processes.

      The factors which differentiate us from other Quality Assurance services include:

      • We empower our clients to determine and test KPI (Key Performance Indicators) using a dashboard integrated with an observing and control system
      • Our teams leverage to deliver a faster turnaround time that allows us to meet deadlines on time.
      • We continually analyze and share reports with your organization on the progress of our Quality Assurance services and collaborate with you on improvements.
      • Improved testing proficiency and exact outcomes.
      • Our Quality Assurance engineers and testing experts run numerous test cycles to eliminate human error.
      • We look for and address execution issues, coding imperfections, bugs, and incidents consistency in the test outcomes.
      • SoHo Dragon is built for flexibility and scalability allowing us to fit your needs.
      • We employ automated security testing utilizing open source technologies.

      Software Testing and QA Services

      What Is SoHo Dragon?

      SoHo Dragon is a full-service software application development company that offers a complete range of software testing company and Quality Assurance services to our clientele in New York City and around the world.

      Why Should I Consider SoHo Dragon?

      We strive to offer the best in Quality Assurance services and cost-productive services to our customers. SoHo Dragon is on the cutting edge of Software Quality Assurance services. We are a dedicated team of QA engineers who collaborate with your team on all assignments and ensure the highest quality results

      Who Will Be Working On My Project?

      Our core team is comprised of industry experts and Microsoft MVPs from all over the world. We adapt to our client’s needs by enlisting additional QA Engineers with specialties matching each project which gives us the flexibility to meet our client’s needs.

      Can I Reach A SoHo Dagon QA Expert 24 Hours?

      Our team is on hand around the clock for your needs and concerns. With offices in New York City and India, our team can respond to your inquiries with dragon-like speed. We will become experts on your systems and an integral part of your team.

      What If My Needs Change?

      We comprehend the dynamic conditions of engineering, the need for rapidly adjusting to client needs and we strive to convey top-notch solutions in response to those needs. Speak to a SoHo Dragon here: Contact Us

      What Can Hiring A QA Service Do For My Organization?

      Our QA Consultative Services focus on helping our clients enhance their product testing and QA while creating efficient testing techniques to ensure precision in their advancement procedure.

      Why Is This Something I Should Consider For My Organization?

      Thorough and stringent program testing ensures your product meets the highest quality standards that are crucial for organizations who are focused on creating programming, mobile applications or web applications.

      How Does QA Make My Product Stand out?

      It is important to be out in front of your competitors and no organization should pass up the opportunity to showcase your products core strengths. The ideal opportunity to leverage the information provided to you by your QA Engineers can maximize the return on your advertising investment. The program will be free of bugs and fully tested. Your end-user experience will help you stand out among the rest.

      How Does A QA Consulting Service Help Improve My Product?

      If testing is done in tandem with improvement, a lot of issues can be limited or corrected among the advancement as the project moves forward. This helps your organization to leverage their times and get your product out to market.

      What Do We offer?

      At SoHo Dragon, we offer the best in QA consultancy services and empower our clients to leverage the diverse expertise of our QA Engineers and testing experts to supplement your team’s efforts in bringing your product to market. Our QA experts serve clients of any size, across a variety of industries.

      • Comprehensive well-being registration for the association’s current QA capacities.
      • Detailed analysis of how your product testing process piles up against industry best practices.
      • Establish your organizations required business benchmarks.
      • Provide strategic recommendations on improving your product testing process.
      • Support for setting up a propelled testing lab.
      • Continual Development of test process evaluation, implementation, and improvement.
      • Software Product Testing
      • Test Planning and Management
      • UI / UX Testing
      • SharePoint Testing
      • Agile Testing
      • Test Automation
      • Performance Testing
      • Security Testing
      • Compatibility Testing
      • Multiplatform / Cross-browser Testing
      • ETL Testing
      • API Testing
      • BI Testing
      • Mobile App Testing
      • Exploratory Testing

      One Stop Destination for QA Services

      We are a team of experienced, seasoned and erudite software testing professionals who

      • SoHo Dragon is the leader in QA Services and our team of QA testing experts is ready to help you create a flawless and better IT system with a focus on the end user. Our team’s multifaceted skill sets in automated, manual and advanced testing technologies ensure that your systems run as they should.
      • At SoHo Dragon, our software testing expertise is on the cutting edge. We offer a wide range of software testing services such as subsuming performance & load testing, automation testing, mobile testing, cloud-based mobile testing, selenium testing, security testing, code verification, manual testing, API testing and more
      • Our QA Team at SoHo Dragon are constantly developing their knowledge on emerging technologies, strategies along with the latest testing tools and capabilities to track even the most minute bugs, allowing us to adapt to our client’s ever-evolving needs while ensuring that our services deliver comprehensive results.